July 20
Capitol Lakes Home Therapies Workshop - Baltimore, MD
August 16
Capitol Lakes Home Therapies Workshop - Cleveland, OH
September 13
Webinar Series: Anatomy & Physiology of PD
September 20
Midwest Home Therapies Workshop - Chicago, IL
October 11
Mid-Atlantic Home Therapies Workshop - Nashville, TN
November 09
Southeast Home Therapies Workshop - Columbia, SC
December 06
Webinar Series: PD Prescription
January 18
Webinar Series: Infectious Complications of PD
January 30
2018 - Pre-symposium 20th International Conference on Dialysis - Lake Buena Vista, FL
February 22
Great Plains Home Therapies Physician Workshop - Dallas Texas
March 08
Webinar Series: Home Therapies - Current State and Future Potential
March 23
Gulf Coast Home Therapies Physician Workshop - Houston, TX
April 12
Webinar Series: Vascular Access in HHD
May 04
Western Home Therapies Workshop - Anaheim, CA
June 05
Webinar Series: PD Catheters and Placement
June 15
Northeast Home Therapies Workshop - East Rutherford, NJ
June 21
Webinar Series: Urgent Start PD and Transitioning to HD